Maiko (pronounced “my-ee-ko”) is a Japanese term meaning “Dancing Girls”, (a title given to women who are striving to perfect themselves in the fine arts). It’s exciting to see Maiko drum and dance across the stage. They light up the stage while performing poetry by accomplished multi-ethnic authors as well as original pieces. Their powerful performances are the creative explosion of the merger of Afro-Cuban, Latin and Brazilian rhythms. Maiko’s passion is playing and feeling their drums beating to the sound that is moving in their heads. Maiko echoes the experiences in a creative voice that speaks to the particular concerns of women.With their innovative approach to music and poetry, Maiko offers creative performances for all ages. Maiko also conducts Drum Circles. Maiko bring all their instruments and participants sit in a large circle and learn drum rhythms and then have a jam session of drums and percussion instruments. These classes are exciting and fun and are for both males and females of all ages. Sometimes poetry and dance spontaneously happen!


Maiko Women’s Drum & Poetry Ensemble was founded in 1983 and incorporated under the umbrella of San SJMAG, in 1987. Maiko is an All Women’s Percussion Group that has been an inspiration to all that have had the experience of seeing them perform. They are a group of dedicated, energetic, tenacious and talented women. Maiko has performed in a professional capacity throughout Santa Clara County for many Women’s organizations, charitable organizations, schools and colleges. The group loves making music and telling of the human struggle and triumphs through their poetry. The women of Maiko exemplify teamwork, drive and commitment, and the fulfillment of doing something you enjoy. The members of the group are from varying ethnic backgrounds, therefore demonstrating cooperation and unity between races and different ethnic groups.