Arts Education

Arts With

An exciting hands-on class in which students will learn & understand what a Watershed is. Students will learn how to respect our environment and ways they can contribute to keeping their community free of pollutants. For the “Art” they’ll create their own “creek in a container”.

With Adaku

An exciting drum circle class in which students will learn to play small Doumbeks, (Middle Eastern drums), along with other percussion instruments such as cowbells, double bells, claves and shekeres. One to five rhythms are memorized by the end of the class for a recital. Rhythms are African, Latin & Brazilian.

So You Want
To Be a Diva

In this fun but point making class, girls will learn to be “classy instead of sassy” in their mannerism, dress & style and learn new ways to have respect for themselves. We discuss how TV & music videos can have a negative impact on their lives. We focus on self-esteem, confidence, positive dressing and healthy food choices.

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance: While exercising and expressing themselves in this fun and creative non-competitive environment, children will develop their own unique dance style.

Mask Making

Students will explore the art of making ethnic masks from their culture and other cultures using different materials to construct a small or large mask. Students will use their mask to incorporate some dynamic games towards working peacefully in class.